Heuritech launches an Ai solution for Fashion & Beauty

Heuritech empowers fashion e-retailers to bridge the gap between social and commerce.
We trained our cutting-edge deep learning technology to identify hundreds of details inside fashion images.This technology enables us to detect emerging product buzzes on Instagram and to highlight them in real-time in your e-store.


  • Which style is going to become a hit?
  • When is the right time to bet on it?
  • Which color is emerging in China?

Products, shapes, color shades, patterns, styles… Our cutting-edge image recognition solution helps you confirm your intuitions and quantify them, capturing the details inside millions of images posted online each day. You can now detect emerging product buzzes at their premises and value them on your website.


A dedicated dashboard to synthesize all of our algorithms' analytics and results, to draw a full overview of your product range, and compare with your competitors.
With modules like Online buzz, Trending topics, Moodboard and Silhouettes, our virtual assistant provides you with qualitative & quantitative client segmentation, worldwide product insights and a complete user profiling.

Monitor your catalog data in one place - with our dedicated platform, you have a 360º overview on what is happening on your e-commerce.
Keep an eye on your latest collection’s health, the buzzing tags and the upcoming trends while the machine pushes your product smartly.

How does It Work?

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is revolutionizing the text and image recognition field. With 50% of PhD, Heuritech is expert in deep learning. We constantly improve our algorithm with the latest research advances. The french deep learners community that we created in 2014, now gathers more than 3 000 members.

Tailored & Robust

We collaborate with fashion majors to develop tailored product recognition algorithms & custom dashboard features.

Our algorithm is already analysing more than 100 million webpages a day for key accounts. It relies on a solid scalable architecture to deliver instant results.


Leverage our cutting-edge text & image recognition pipeline through our proprietary API.

We deliver flexible Artificial Intelligence as a Service, as user-friendly to integrate & use as it is powerful

They trust us

« Heuritech showed us its ability to implement a complex and predictive analysis of behavioural massive data through the use of innovative and effective solutions. »

Lionel Hubschwerlin ─ CTO Cabestan

“ Banking is easier when your banker understands you very well. That’s where Heuritech’s product comes in – it identifies user personas to predict spending habits, and possible future needs. This segmentation enables creditors to push personalized credit offers – including credit offers tailored to you. ”

BNP Paribas Personal Finance ─ BNP Paribas Personal Finance

“ Weave is very proud to include Heuritech among its partners and pleased to propose the startup as a solution for our customers. ”

Thomas Papadopoulos ─ Partner in charge of Digital Consulting activities at Weave

“ We gave them 3 months to analyse 32 Go of web browsing data and they came back after 10 days ! To rely on Heuritech allowed us to get a jump on our road map. ”

Lionel Hubschwerlin ─ CTO Cabestan

“ I dream for Heuritech to be integrated into Mediapost Communication. Not integrated as in acquisition, but for their products to be integrated and used, which will allow them to accelerate their development. ”

Nathalie Andrieux ─ CEO Mediapost Communication

The Team

Tony Pinville

Chief Executive Officer

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with 15 years experience on financial markets and targeted marketing as Head of R&D and technical expert.

Vintage vinyls addict and amateur sports coach.

Charles Ollion

Chief Science Officer

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, graduate of Telecom ParisTech and the Stockholm KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Expert in deep learning.

Climber, video game creator and expert troll.

Didier Marin

Chief Technology Officer

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, expert in distributed architecture development, NoSQL databases and functional programming.

Jazz drummer, danmaku player and monad lover.

Paul Tonelli

Chief Architect Officer

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, graduate of ENSAM. Manage servers for 10 years. Devops, agile approaches & robust architectures enthusiast.

Symphonic metal and egg-cheese crêpes addict.

Audrey Priami

Head of Operations & Legal

Business school graduate. 15 years experience on financial markets as head of Audit and Compliance, CISO, IT team & project management. Natural-born organizer.

Photographer, amateur designer & cuisine addict.

Sylvain Koos

Data Science Expert

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, graduate of INSA Lyon and UPMC Paris. Expert in statistics. Assistant professor in computer science.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy enthusiast and core gamer.

Arnaud Parant

Technical Expert

Graduate of EPITECH and the University of Kent in Artificial Intelligence. Multi-skilled and polyglot software engineer, specialized in functional programming.

Our expert in juggling, fire staff and woodworking.

Cédric Devaux

Technical Expert

Graduate of EPITECH. Backend development specialist (Scala, Python, Bash). IT security enthusiast.

Cola addicted, sausage shooter & home automation enthusiast.

Hedi Ben-Younes

Machine Learning Expert

Graduate of Centrale Supélec in Applied Mathematics. Expert in computer vision. CIFRE PhD with Heuritech & LIP6 laboratory.

Hip Hop and R&B artist, non-vegetarian diet expert.

Alexandre Ramé

Deep Learning Scientist

Graduated in Applied Mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique and in Operations Research at Columbia University NYC. Expert in Deep Learning techniques.

Ping-pong university champ, still undefeated at Heuritech!

Charles Thurat

BizDev' & Customer Success

Computational NeuroScience PhD from UPMC, ENS graduate. Go-to guy for signing new clients and keeping them happy on the long run!

History & sword buff, dark humour specialist.

Jean Bellot

Data Science Expert

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, graduate of UMPC Paris in mathematics and computing. Expert in reinforcement learning.

Acoustic guitar player, sharp humour expert.

Charlotte Fanneau

Product Marketing Manager

HEC Paris graduate in tech entrepreneurship. Our expert in product development & marketing strategies with an eye for fashion.

Addicted to music & chocolate, startup encyclopedia.

Henri Hannetel

Technical Expert

Graduate of INSA Lyon. DevOps (Containers, Continuous integration), Functionnal programming code golfer.

Kitesurfing & permaculture devotee.

Jonas Wideking

Designer & Frontend developer

Multimedia design graduate from Denmark. In charge of design and frontend implementation with specialty in React.

Self-proclaimed guitarist & owner of more sneakers than you!

Nicolas Thénoz

Product Owner

Graduated in Business and Computer Science at Telecom Bretagne. Expert in agile methodologies and post-it usage.

Photographer, horse rider and beer lover.

Loris Felardos

Machine Learning Scientist

Graduate from UCBL. Specialist in deep generative models. Cellular biology enthusiast.

65% oxygen, 18.5% carbon, 9% hydrogen, 7.5% other.

Charles Corbière

R&D Internship

Graduated in Computer Science at Centrale Lille and in Data Science at Polytechnique. Expert in machine learning, deep learning enthusiast and entrepreneurship skills.

Djing on spare time and Romanian micro house lover

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Heuritech, SAS © 2017. All rights reserved

Heuritech, SAS © 2017.
All rights reserved

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